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Chenin Blanc Tussock Jumper (South Africa)



Chenin Blanc is the Cape’s signature white grape, and this wonderfully fresh, dry example from the excellent 2015 vintage shows you perfectly why. Tussock Jumper presents ‘Steen’ (which is the South African name) in all its pure lively citrus and ripe tropical fruit glory. A really nice sipper of great value!

Delicate with flowery and fruity notes, quince, pear and tropical fruits.

Firm, crisp acidity with a dry, lingering finish.

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About Tussock Jumper


Pictures from left to right: (1) Marc Oliveira (2) Gert-Jan van Arkel (3) Vineyards in the Western Cape.

Tussock Jumper
Tussock Jumper is a new wine brand comprising 16 varietal wines made by top producers from 11 different countries around the world. The brand differs from many generic wine brands in two key ways. Firstly, working in smaller volumes, Tussock Jumper isn’t production-driven, but ‘the passion for sourcing the best wine from around the world’ is the starting point. Secondly, all Tussock Jumper wines are bottled at source in the country of origin, which enhances wine aromas and flavors to the utmost.

The company was founded by Gert-Jan Van Arkel (Dutch from origin), who has gained experience in the wine industry for over 25 years as Trade- and Export Manager in several major wine companies, and Marc Oliviera, a Portuguese-American winemaker. Marc has been in the wine business since he was born. His family built up one the leading Portuguese wine importing companies in the USA. Gert Jan and Marc bundled their knowledge and passion of which Tussock Jumper is the result.

Red sweater
Each individual bottle label features an image of a specific animal wearing the brand’s signature ‘red jumper’ to represent its country of origin. Fun both on the outside and the inside!


Style: Medium bodied dry white
Country of Origin: South Africa
Western Cape

100% Chenin Blanc
Bottle size:
Screw cap
Drink by:

The Region

Western Cape | South Africa

South-Africa is the only significant African wine country. That is mainly due to the climate: of all countries on this continent, only South-Africa lies in the zone where the climate is extremely suitable for viniculture. Also the varied soil structure contributes to those good conditions.

In the time of the ‘Apartheid’ (1960-1990) South-Africa had major difficulties to export its wines. There was an overall trade boycott. After the abolition of this horrible racial concept, viniculture in South-African started to develop rapidly. Now, the country is on the eighth place concerning total wine production.

Cape Winelands
The Cape Winelands stretch from the rugged mountains and multi-directional slopes of the coastal region to the open plains of the Klein Karoo where viticulture takes place mainly in the riverine valleys. South Africa’s vineyards are mostly situated in the Western Cape near the coast. Rainfall on the coastal side, where fynbos and renosterveld vegetation flourish, measures up to 1000 mm per year. Travel over the mountains into the hinterland and the rainfall decreases dramatically with the vegetation dominated by hardy succulents, cycads and aloes.

Currently around 98 597 hectares of vines producing wine grapes are under cultivation over an area some 800 km in length. Under the auspices of the Wine of Origin Scheme, production zones in the Cape winelands are divided into officially demarcated regions, districts and wards. There are six regions in the geographical unit of the Western Cape – Breede River Valley, Cape South Coast, Coastal Region, Klein Karoo, Olifants River and Boberg (for use in respect of fortified wines from Paarl, Franschhoek, Wellington and Tulbagh), which encompass 26 diverse districts and some 69 smaller wards.


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