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Crémant de Loire Brut Langlois-Chateau (France)



Looking for some variation in your sparkling wine consumption? Then make sure you’ll get your hands on this charming and delicate bubbly, made from typical grapes of the Loire region. With its fresh and fruity character it’s an excellent apéritif, but it can also be enjoyed over a meal. A secondary bottle fermentation (á la Cava and Champagne) is responsible for concentration, texture and a fine, creamy mousse.  So many bubbles for money.. Worth a ‘plop’ and a cheers week after week!

Golden apple, citrus zest and subtle biscuit aromas.

Fine fizz, with a rich, refreshing and vibrant mouth-feel.

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About Langlois-Chateau


Pictures from left to right: Michel Villedey (CEO from 1973-2008), François Régis de Fougeroux (current General Manager), Laurent Onillon (Sales Manager), Jean François Liegeois (Wine Production Manager)

Langlois-Chateau -today owned by Champagne house Bollinger- was founded in 1885 by Edouard Langlois and Jeanne Chateau (hence the name). The winery has a rich history as one of the leading producers in the Loire Valley. In 1973, the prestigious Bollinger family invested in Langlois, significantly revitalizing the vineyards and modernizing the cellar. Bollinger was naturally attracted by Langlois’ Crémant de Loire production, but the estate has become a leading quality producer in Sancerre, Saumur and other areas.

Langlois-Chateau owns and manages 175 acres of the best AOC vineyards in the Loire Valley. For their Crémants they have an intensely terroir-focused approach of drawing the best characteristics from 6 distinct vineyard areas and soil types in order to create complex and refined wines. The crown jewel of their Sancerre holdings is at Château de Fontaine-Audon, from which they produce a single-vineyard Sancerre of the same name. Langlois maintains a sustainable approach to vineyard management and holds the “Terra Vitis” certification.

Terra Vitis
This is the signature of French vignerons who respect nature, men and wine. The Latin name, Terra Vitis, expresses the close and inseparable bond between the vine and its terroir.

The Terra Vitis’ approach is governed by a demanding set of specifications, specific to the wine growing sector. Terra Vitis takes a sustainable approach to viticulture. Terra Vitis’ members use ecologically-friendly wine growing methods to produce wines with no negative impact on the environment.


Style: Sparkling wine
Country of Origin: France
AOP Crémant de Loire
60% Chenin Blanc, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Cabernet Franc
Year: –
Bottle size:
Natural cork
Drink by:

The Region

Loire | France

The Loire valley is one of the most outstretched wine areas in Europe. It runs from the Atlantic coast in Bretagne, all the way down to the Massif Central, deep down in the centre of France. Through its vastness, the area has major differences in both climate and composition of the soil. And for that reason the region offers an excellent range of wines in every style: red, white and rosé, still and sparkling, dry and sweet.

The Loire is a land of moderation: it’s cold in the winter, and never gets super hot in the summer. Vines can really only grow here because of the river and its tributaries, which raise the temperature just those few vital degrees and ensure long, leisurely autumn days for the harvest.

The region is often reffered to as ‘Jardin de France’, or the Garden of France. And rightly so, because the countryside is beautiful; wide expanses of vines, gentle slopes, grand castles and ancient cities, all dominated by the rivers and the milky blue light of the summer sky.


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