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Inici Merum Priorati Priorat 2014 (Spain)



Priorat is such an outstanding wine region and seduces more and more wine lovers all around the world. The area's characteristic llicorella (slate) soil makes that the vines have to work hard to get nutrients. Intensity, depth and complexity are the result. 'Inici' is a beautiful translation of a modern Priorat wine. Full, rich and despite the high alcohol (15%) incredibly soft and smooth. One that keeps you longing for more. Pair with truffles, mushrooms, duck breast or a big platter of artisan Catalan cheeses.

Rich in red fruit aromas (raspberries, red currants), touches of oak, complemented with spicy notes as aniseed.

Clean and fruity, medium velvetty tannins and a long lingering finish.

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About Mervum Priorati


Pictures from left to right: (1) The rough land where vineyards are planted on small terraces (2) Winter pruning in the Merum Priorati vineyards

Merum Priorati
Inici means ‘home’, the roots of Merum Priorati are embedded in the history of Priorat, an extraordinary piece of land hidden in the hard and rough corner of Catalonia.

Here they understand that a good vineyard is the key to good wine and they always believe that a wine can only express typicity of a region by achieving excellence. At Merum Priorati they strive to produce high-quality wines with a great regional character – wines that trigger new sensations andlinger in the memory long after being tried.

Merum Priorati is since 2011 owned by Pere Ventura.


Style: Full bodied, rich red
Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Priorat
Appellation: DOCa Priorat
Grape: 60% Garnacha,15% Carignena,
15% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: 2014
Alcohol: 15%
Bottle size: 0,75L
Closure: Natural cork
Drink by: 2022

The Region

Priorat | Spain
Priorat, or Priorato, is one of the stand-out Spanish wine regions with an extraordinary leap in wine quality, reputation and price over the 1990s. This small wine appellation, with 1,700 hectares of vines and just over 60 bodegas, lies to the west of the province of Tarragona and Catalunya.

It includes the municipalities of Gratallops and Falset, where vines grow on steep terraces at varying altitudes of 100 to 700 metres. The climate is continental, and the region blessed with an exceptional schistous terroir (mostly llicorella with layers of slate and quartz). This schist is part of the same stratum found in the finest vineyards of the Douro, Toro and Ribera del Duero. It provides ideal conditions for growing vines and also contributes to the much-lauded mineral-rich character of Priorato’s wines.


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