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Basic wine course ‘Viva Vino’

After only five weeks, you’ll be able to talk and taste like a professional! During the beginners course ‘Viva Vino’ you will get answers to the most common wine questions. In five sessions you will get to know the world’s most important wine regions and the accompanying grapes. You will be introduced to the basic principles of wine making and to important details on different wine labels. A must-do for anyone who wants to develop their taste buds!


A garden dinner party with friends, a sultry summer night for two, with a book at the fireplace… Whatever you have planned, there is a different wine for every occasion. But… how do you know which wine to choose? Which flavors can and/or may you expect in a specific wine? What does the region of origin on the label tell us? And what does the word terroir actually mean?

‘Viva Vino’ offers an introduction to the beautiful world of wine. In five evening sessions you’ll be taken on a tour through the world’s excellent and most important wine regions, emphasizing their main grape varieties and growing conditions.

The primary aim is to help you understand wine, to learn and to appreciate it and to give you the confidence to choose the wines you’ll enjoy.

For who?
For everybody who loves to learn more about wine. (No previous knowledge or experience needed!)


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FULL! Wednesday November 22, 2017 (English)
Tuesday February 6, 2018 (English)

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The course runs over 5 consecutive weeks (once a week). Every session starts with a theory part after which we continue with tasting and evaluating different wines and grapes from around the world. You will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course.

Session 1: Introduction to the world of wine, vinification, wine appellations, major grape varieties.
Session 2: France, the authentic heart of wine making
Session 3: Spain & Italy
Session 4: The New World (California, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand)
Session 5: Wine & Food pairing, examination and blind tasting

The course fee is 165 euro per person.

This price includes:
– all wines (+/- 20 in total)
– each class a cheese/charcuterie platter and bread
– the Viva Vino theory syllabus
– the aroma wheel and tasting papers
– the final exam and a certificate
– 21% IVA

The course runs over five weekdays, one day a week, from 19.30 to 21.30hr. The tasting location is in the El Born neighborhood in the stylish co-working studio Apocapoc BCN. (Google Maps)

Additional information

Minimum age for participation: 18 years

As places are limited, participation in one of our wine courses is allocated strictly in order that the required deposit is received.

Terms & Conditions
To this tasting the Workshop Conditions apply.