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Wine courses in Barcelona

Would you like to dive a little deeper into the world of this secretive, but oh so delicious grape juice?! Then a 5-week course might be your cup of wine! In Barcelona we offer different wine courses for both novice and advanced wine lovers to gain more knowledge and understanding of the Wonderful Wine World. It’s a must do for those who wants to explore this ancient (but culinary!) craft that almost everywhere on earth contributes to a larger life enjoyment!


During the beginners course ‘Viva Vino’ you will get answers to the most common wine questions. In five sessions you will get to know the world’s most important wine regions and the accompanying grapes. You will be introduced to the basic principles of wine making and to important details on different wine labels. A must-do for anyone who wants to develop their taste buds!

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Viva España is an intermediate wine course that elaborates on the knowledge acquired during the basic wine course. In five weeks this journey will take you from North to South and from East to West right into the heart and soul of the Spanish wine culture. And you will see yourself: the country has so much more to offer than just the famous red wines from Rioja… So are you ready? Then ¡vamos!

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During Oh-La France’ we put our yet existing knowledge of different grape varieties and winemaking techniques in order to discover the deepest wine secrets of France… In the entire world is this country still synonym for the romantic and authentic way of wine production. Discover yourself? Book your seat and enjoy the vins rouge, vins blanc and everything-in-between to the utmost!

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